Seungyon Kim:

Seungyon Kim (* 1987)

Currus Solis In Via Regina (2014)
für Flöte, Oboe, Klarinette, Fagott und Klavier

Aufnahme: Seoul National University, 7. Oktober 2014

Die Ausführenden sind: Martina Roth, Flöte – Alexander Ott, Oboe – Walter Ifrim, Klarinette – Wolfgang Rüdiger, Fagott – Akiko Okabe, Klavier.

Das Stück spricht für sich, von den zarten Lichtfragmenten und zögerlichen Strahlen, die das Dunkel durchbrechen, bis zum Erheben des Hauptes und der Hände
ob des Glanzes höherer Welten – daher nur wenige Worte aus der Feder seines jungen Schöpfers:

Currus Solis In Via Regina is a work about Ascensio. It speaks out fragments of sound, which are the lightness and heaviness, the energy of sound and vibration,
and lastly the truth and reflection. The tension among these fragments can be translated as the tension occurring between the weight facing downwards and hands lifting
towards the entrance of upper dimension. Therefore this conjures the image of Nox Obscura.

Seungyon Kim was born in the South Korea in 1987. He studied composition with Sangjik Jun at Seoul National University and completed the Master's course.
He won first place at the 2nd National Piano Music Competition in 2007. In 2008, he was awarded full tuition scholarship at International TIMF Academy held in Bangkok.
He also participated in Studio 2021 Young Composer's Night with his works performed there: Piano Concert (2009) and Orchestra Concert (2011).
His work Ceremonial Dance was premiered at Hwaum Project which took place in 2012.

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